5 Signs You Are Oversharing on Social Media

5 Signs You Are Oversharing on Social Media

It is a sheer reality that the internet has made the world a global village. One of the strongest pillars of the internet is social media. In recent years the use of social media has increased quite impressively people are getting themselves entertained from different social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. People are sharing their beautiful memories and feelings with the aid of social media. All the things about social media are very good, but it has some drawbacks also which we are going to discuss in this article.

Strangers Recognize Your Baby

Mostly young parents are sharing the pictures of their newborns or toddlers on social sites. For a time being, they can be proud of that but after some time it will create risk for the baby because every type of person can recognize your child.

You Order Food Just so You Can post it

When a person who is a social media lover goes for a lunch or a dinner chooses that food which makes his status to look high. The person who is suffering from social media addiction can compromise on the taste of the food but not on its outer look because he has to post its photos on its social media account.

You Live Tweet Every Thing

The mobile phone has taken more than half of a lifetime, whether we are in office school or involved in other daily routine works it has become our natural habit that we see mobile phone screens after every few times. One of the worst things about social media is that people post everything about the upcoming episodes of a blockbuster web series or movies so it also works as movies or web series spoiler.

Likes and Retweets Give you Satisfaction

We all know that inner peace and personal satisfaction can only give us happiness. Social media has made our life materialistic. if we help somebody, then the first thing we do is to take a picture of it and then post it on social sites. The help which we have provided to somebody doesn’t give us satisfaction but the likes and retweets on our post give us satisfaction and inner happiness.

Getting Too Social With Your Media

Social media is a very effective tool of this century and it has access to the whole world but if you use it just for time-wasting then it can damage your mental and physical health.