How to Map Social Networks

How to Map Social Networks

Social media has created great opportunities for people to interact with each other and with the world. So if we learn how to map social sites then we can open the gates for great opportunities, in this article we are going to discuss how to map social networks.

Social Network Theory

If you want to learn social sites mapping then you have to understand the social network theory. The nodes or points jointly make a network. Several individuals when connected they make a group. This is the basics of social network theory and this leads to the mapping of social networks.

Why Learn How to Map Social Networks?

The mapping of social networks works similarly as a theory of six degrees of separation. Theory of six degrees of separation is introduced by Kevin Bacon who stated that two persons who know each other make a network of six persons.

Social networks not only provide us with opportunities but also give us the chance to help others.

Using Maps of Social Networks

There are many benefits of learning how to map social networks because of its vastness; some of the important things you have to keep in mind before start using it:

  • Learn the interface. No matter what social site or social media network you want to join, just try to learn or know its interface. Explore its search bar; find how your friend list looks, find accounts of organizations, companies etc.
  • As we have discussed earlier, in exploring the site do your best to find out the influencers who are followed by many people and focus on all the facts that why people are following them.
  • Don’t force other people to become your friend or follower because if you try to do this you will lose your reputation so try to deal with all the people with respect.
  • After looking out all the famous accounts try to build your social network account according to their technique.


You can increase your approach and add worth in your career with the help of social networking. The world has moved onto the digital platform and online social networking is one of the important parts of the digital revolution.