The Science Of Car Hacking

The Science Of Car Hacking

You must be wondering how a person can hack into a car without the use of keys. Reports about suspicious car crashes have come to attention leading to speculation that car hacking does in fact exist. This article will teach you the science behind car hacking.

Why Does it Happen?

Car hacking is a warning. A hacker is trying to kill someone – an act of murder. Every car is different, so not all actions are going to be met at the attempt of the hacker. Car hacking is considered deadly, known to actually kill drivers.

What Happens in These Attempts

Hackers get control of the steering wheel. In these attempts, hackers find the car, trespass into the vehicle, and mess with any wiring. Two options can happen. Attacks that confuse the driver or an attack that changes in the speed of the car.

Attacks on People

In the means of confusing a person, hackers disable the headlights, rewire the headlights inevitably dimming them on dark nights, or even messing with the windshield wipers. Because of one of these issues, an accident is sure to occur. If an accident can be avoided, drivers will pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance. If you are ever having issues with anything in the car, don’t keep driving.

The Speed of the Car is at Risk

The worst thing that a hacker can do to a car is mess with the brakes. There are several ways that hackers can manipulate brakes including the worst of all, preventing the brakes from occurring altogether.

What You Should Do?

You should immediately take action, alert the police, and see if they have any surveillance footage to see any criminal activity on who got control of your car.