Automotive Icon Lido Lee Dies; People Recall his Greatest Feats


World-renowned automobile executive Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca died on July 02, 2019. According to reports, complications of Parkinson’s disease caused his death.

While the entire automotive industry grieved to this loss, most of Lee’s friends want to reminisce his fruitful life. 

Famous author Jamie Flinchbaugh said that Lee is such a visionary man. He knew Lee very well since they both came from Lehigh University. 

Lee started helping people to become competent business leaders after establishing the Iacocca Institute. Several leadership events took place at the Iacocca Institute, including the famous Global Village Program. 

Dick Brandt described Lee as a ‘ mentor.’ He said that in his two decades of stay at the Iacocca Institute, he never saw Lee unmotivated. Instead, he kept on helping students to do an internship abroad.

Top-caliber automotive executive Bob Lutz also shared his own experience working with Lee. Bob said that Lee is a very good leader. He always pointed out that for a company to thrive, the products must be of high-quality all the time. According to Bob, he learned a lot from Lee, including the value of true leadership.  

Bob admitted that some of Lee’s ideas didn’t work in the long run, but his numerous achievements in the car industry are incomparable. 

Some of the greatest feats of Lee include the creation of Mustang (Ford), Pinto cars, K-car, and minivan. He was also instrumental in reviving the almost dislodge Chrysler Motors in the 80s. Aside from ingenious automobiles, Lee also introduced the use of car airbag.

Car executives around the world believe that the legacies of Lee Iacocca are far from getting buried. To those aspiring leaders who want to take the lead in the car industry, you must read the fruitful life story of Lee.