Africa Soon to Be Lit-Up Through Investments


Africa has long been one of the most challenged countries in the world in terms of development. Not only economically but also in many other fields such as in technology and the sciences. Since many regions of Africa are far-flung and isolated from the major cities, basic resources such as electricity are scarce in these regions.

Solar energy is a new yet very efficient renewable source of energy that has attracted the attention of both scientists and business enthusiasts. It is said to be very ideal for secluded areas since it can be obtained by means of only a single solar panel. 

Light-Up Africa by “Energise Africa”

Energise Africa is an investment scheme that aims to provide ways for Africans in isolated regions to have their solar panels and experience living with electricity. This group of people is still dependent on kerosene for light, firewood for cooking, water pumps for fetching water, etc. It was first commenced in the year 2017 and it boasts its huge number of investors and supporters and has raised funds of more or less £9 million.

This offer is usually given to the people living within remote areas that have yet to transition their way of living into a more modern way in which electricity plays a role. This program is said to provide a life-changing experience for African families whose income is below the level considered to be conducive for living. The solar panels will be sold and lent to them and are to be paid not in full amount but through means of installations.

Invest in Solar Panels and Start Changing Lives

The Energise Africa scheme encourages people to invest in their solar panel projects and promises the return of 5% while allowing the investors to help low-income families in Africa. This scheme is supported by UK aid money and gives the investors the security of £100 return for those first-time investors in case the business fails or enters bankruptcy.

The investment scheme only requires a minimum investment of £50 and typically gives a yearly return of five to seven percent. In terms of investment safety, this investment scheme is quite unsecured and risky since this is not really found in the market. Despite the unsecured bonds, the investment is said to be worth the risk because it equates to more lives changed for Africans.

The Energise Africa investment scheme is indeed a life-changing event for Africans; it gives every African a shot at having electrical sources of their own. This is one big step in making lives easier for people from all around the globe.