How to Apply Touch Up Paint

How to Apply Touch Up Paint

It is prevalent to get minor scratches or chipped paint marks on the car. Even if you are not driving much, some pits and bumps show small scars and blemishes. You will have to get a proper paint job from a professional for big scrapes, but for minor scratches, you can touch up to clean and clear the affected area.

To touch up the affected area of your car, you will first need a relevant color. See the color code of your vehicle and then get a similar paint. If you do not precisely know the color, see the color code on the sticker or the door jamb.

If you are still unable to find the color, look at the VIN of your car.

After getting the paint for the car, you will need to prepare the affected area’s surface. Clean up the part with the automotive soap and water. After thorough washing, wait until the surface area is dried. If there is any rust or dirt on the spot, use sandpaper to reduce corrosion risk on top. Finally, use the grease and wax remover to clean the outer surface.

After all the affected area is cleaned up, use a primer to protect the metal from corrosion. However, only use it if the scratch is deep enough. For scratches barely touching the surface, primer can be avoided.

After the primer is dried, use the touch-up paint to coat the area. First, test the touch-up paint on some hidden section of the car to verify that it matches the exact color. Also, try to use high-quality touch-up paint in order to get the best result. Apply 2 to 3 layers of paint as a base coat while maintaining an interval of at least 30 minutes for each interval. To end the process, smooth the surface using sandpaper and minor paint coats.