5 Ways to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2020

5 Ways to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2020

Although Instagram stories excellently capture the surroundings and activities, sometimes it is not suitable for the viewer to be on the watch list of the story maker. In that case, you can use many Instagram anonymous story viewing techniques and methods.

Following is a complete list of tips and trick you can use to view Instagram stories anonymously.

1. Airplane Mode Trick

You can anonymously view Instagram stories by turning on the airplane mode on your phone. First, open the Instagram account wait for the stories to load. After loading, you will need to turn on the airplane mode. Now, you can view the stories without incrementing a count to the total views.

Also, make sure to close the app before turning the airplane mode off.

2. Using the Browser Extension

You can use IG stories for the Instagram browser extension to view the Instagram stories without leaving any trace. All you need to do is to download the extension. Once running, open Instagram and start viewing the stories you like. Your view from this point onward will not be counted.

3. Using the online story viewer websites

There are plenty of Instagram Story viewing websites online that you can use to see public and private stories. Each website has its method of use and techniques so you will need to be careful regarding that.

4. Using the StorySaver app in Android or iOS

For Android and iPhones, you can download StorySaver app to view the stories anonymously without contributing to the view count.

5. Use Siri to view stories

For iPhones, you can use the Shortcut app and Siri to view stories anonymously. For the shortcut app, you will need your software version to be above iOS 13.

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